psychedelic burrito

I'd give you all puppies if I had the capability to do so.

Classic rock junkie
I'm sexually attracted to the 1920's-50's
hi there I'm Louisa how are you on this fine day I hope you're well. tHANK YOU so much for coming to my page hope you enjoy your stay...*ahem* well I am an artist musical loves are- Genesis, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Boston, Bad Company, The Doors, Steve Miller Band, Alice in Chains, Dave Matthews Band, Little Feet, Pink Floyd, The Beatles the list goes on. (if you're curious about other things i like feel free to message me.) Night Vale Doctor Who Supernatural Hannibal Sherlock fandom fun I reblog a lot of that so-...
I'm a sucker/nerd for old movies/musicals and silent films and just movies in general. I love feedback from anyone about anything
it could be about bread or goats or the dynamics of the ecosystem or how ghosts manifest into things like sponges for all it matters. I adore you all.
peace and love